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Fresh pomodori tomato soup with crème fraîche                          

€ 6.95

Rich stuffed creamy fish soup with a dash of Pernod

€ 9.00

Warm home smoked salmon with a duet of balsamic vinegar and orange confit

€ 9.75

Carpaccio of home smoked beef with rucola, Parmesan cheese and pesto

€ 10.50 

Whole prawns (unpeeled), grilled in tomato sauce with garlic and crème fraîche

€ 11.50

Dutch shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce   

€ 12.50 

Duet of scallop and Argentine prawn, in combination with gorgonzola sauce and lasagne of red beet, zucchini and eggplant

€ 12.50

Pot-au-feu with a filling of wild boar stew

€ 9.50