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Marinated spare-ribs (800 grams) with garlic sauce and chili sauce

€ 18.50 

Typical Dutch grandma’s stew meat served on authentic petroleum stove

€ 18.50

Baked tournedos with a spicy sauce of green peppers                

€ 23.75 

Hare fillet served with rosemary sauce, stewed pear and chestnut purée

€ 24.00

Wild boar fillet lacquered with honey and hoisin sauce, served with lemongrass syrup and Japanse udon noodles

€ 23.00

Venison steak served with Jägermeister sauce, red cabbage and black salsify mousse

€ 23.50


Swordfish served with guacamole, chorizo chips and a fresh salad of avocado and grilled

bell pepper

€ 21.50

Whole prawns (unpeeled), baked with tomato sauce, garlic and crème fraîche

€ 22.50

Rose fish fillet au gratin with edible mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes, in combination with

béarnaise sauce

€ 22.00

Whole sea bream filled with fresh ginger and garlic, grilled on banana leaves

€ 23.50


Flammkuchen with a filling of vegetable ragout, served with a crème fraîche dip with herbs

€ 17.50 

Swiss cheese fondue with bread and raw vegetables, if desired with garlic or tarragon

€ 21.50