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All our starters are served with bread

Tomato soup with crème fraîche

€ 7.50


Fish soup with a dash of Pernod

€ 9.50


Warm smoked salmon with balsamic and orange confit

€ 11.50


Smoked beef carpaccio with arugula and Parmesan cheese

€ 11.50 


Whole prawns served in tomato sauce 

€ 12.00


Dutch shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce   

€ 13.50 


 Grilled sea bass fillet marinated in chili and truffle oilserved

                                                              with Quinoa salad                                                                        

 € 11.50 


                                      Fried quail with a cake of hemp seed served

                                                         with a maple syrup sauce                                                                                                     € 11.50



Dame Blanche

€ 6.75 


Vanilla ice cream with advocaat (egg liqueur)

€ 6.75


Yogurt parfait with fruit compote 

€ 6.50


                              Tiramisu of mango and liqueur 43 accompanied by

                                                         white chocolate ice cream         

                                                                                  € 7.75


caramelized pineapple quenched with malibu served with

                            coconut ice cream                     

€ 7.75


                    Classic French chocolate mousse served with crème anglaise         

€ 7.75   


                     Strawberry Romanov: strawberries marinated with vodka and sugar                                                                      served with sorbet ice cream                         

€ 7.75



All our main courses are served with several side dishes



Marinated spare-ribs with garlic sauce and chili sauce

€ 19.50 


Typical Dutch grandma’s stew meat served on authentic
petroleum stove

€ 18.50


Baked tournedos with green pepper sauce

€ 23.75 


                                   Baked pork tenderloin served with bearnaise sauce                                                                                                               € 20.50 


                      Guinea fowl fillet served with curry sauce and a compote

                                                                          of fresh pineapple                                                     

                                                                                € 21.50 




Whole prawns served in tomato sauce

€ 23.50


Mullet fillet in combination with rösti from roseval potatoes,
garlic, sage and Parmesan cheese

€ 23.00


                              Swordfish with roasted tomatoes, lemon dressing and

                                                                         lovage chutney                                                                                                                          € 22.50


                                 Baked salmon served with Dutch asparagus and

                                                                  hollandaise sauce                                                                                                                                                              € 22.50



Flammkuchen with a filling of vegetable ragout, served
with a crème fraîche dip with herbs

€ 17.50 


Swiss cheese fondue with bread and raw vegetables

€ 21.50